Zenith: Infinite Realms Opens Its Gates to Beta Players 1

Zenith: Infinite Realms Opens Its Gates to Beta Players

The developers of Zenith: The Last City have officially announced the launch of the open beta for Infinite Realms, a new game mode introducing a season-based, action-adventure co-op experience to the Zenith universe. This announcement brings a new chapter to the game, extending an invitation to VR enthusiasts to explore its realms without additional costs for Meta Quest and Rift users. Steam users interested in participating will need to own a copy of Zenith: The Last City to access the beta.

The open beta, as detailed on the official website, is an early build, highlighting that elements such as artwork, game balance, and content are currently in a state of development. Players are encouraged to consult the Open Beta Start Guide for instructions on accessing the game and a list of known issues that may affect their experience. The beta phase aims to stress test the game’s systems, with an expectation of bugs and performance issues as part of the optimization process.

Central to the Infinite Realms experience is the City Plaza, serving as a gathering hub for players. Here, they can receive instructions from NPCs, explore new mechanics via touchstones, and access various features such as agent rank challenges, vendors, gear upgrade stations, and social spaces. The Fractured Worlds, accessible through gates within the game, offer a variety of environments and challenges that change daily, providing a dynamic gameplay experience.

Gameplay enhancements include new player abilities, such as the gesture-controlled Tempest Blades, and the addition of fire and ice modifiers for more dynamic combat. Players can also look forward to unlocking abilities that allow for strategic crowd control and direct attacks. Furthermore, the game introduces parkour elements and a shared XP system with level scaling, ensuring that group play remains balanced and inclusive regardless of individual player levels.

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