Warframe Expands to iOS, Offering Cross-Platform Play 1

Warframe Expands to iOS, Offering Cross-Platform Play

Digital Extremes has announced the launch of Warframe on iOS devices, a development eagerly awaited by the game’s extensive fan base. Released on February 16, 2024, this expansion brings the game’s rich sci-fi universe and cooperative gameplay to a new platform, making it accessible to a wider audience worldwide.

Warframe, with its intricate storyline and dynamic combat system, has been a staple in the gaming community for over a decade. The move to iOS devices aims to deliver the same immersive experience that players have come to expect from the PC and console versions. To give potential players a glimpse of the game’s mobile capabilities, Digital Extremes released a launch trailer alongside the announcement.

A standout feature of the iOS version is the full integration of Cross Platform Play and Cross Save functionalities. This allows players to maintain their progress and continue their gameplay seamlessly across different devices, a feature that underscores the game’s commitment to player convenience and accessibility.

In celebration of the game’s iOS launch, Digital Extremes is offering special login rewards for players who access the game within the first week of its release, starting February 20. These rewards include a 3-Day Affinity Booster, which accelerates player leveling, and the Bombyx Syandana, an exclusive cosmetic item for Warframes.

Additionally, for those new to Warframe, there is an introductory offer in the form of the Starter Weapon Pack. This pack includes the Aeolak Rifle, a Max Rank Serration Mod, and 100 Platinum, designed to give new players a significant advantage at the beginning of their journey.

The release on iOS is part of Digital Extremes’ ongoing efforts to make Warframe accessible to a broader audience. Android users are also being considered, with the company encouraging pre-registration for updates on the game’s future release on Android devices.

This expansion into mobile gaming represents a significant step for Warframe, offering both long-standing fans and new players the opportunity to experience the game’s detailed universe and engaging gameplay on a new platform. Digital Extremes’ commitment to cross-platform functionality further enhances the game’s appeal, allowing for a more flexible and connected gaming experience.

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