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Albion Online’s Living Legacy Event Returns Amidst Sixth Anniversary Celebrations

Albion Online’s Living Legacy Event Returns Amidst Sixth Anniversary Celebrations

As Albion Online nears its sixth year of providing unparalleled gaming experience, the festivities are in full swing. The cities are bedecked with decorations, the adventurers are relishing the birthday cake, and the Living Legacy event, a popular in-game extravaganza, is back for a two-week run.

PrintsKaspian, a renowned figure in the Albion community, announced that during the Living Legacy event, players can engage with the statues from Conquerors’ Hall, which are now part of the open world. The event also includes a brand-new trailer released to commemorate the occasion.

In this year’s iteration, statues from Seasons 16, 17, and 18 join the ones from the previous years, and all are now active characters to fight against. These living monuments, a nod to the victorious guilds of Albion’s rich history, can be encountered in any Tier 5 or higher zone. They carry precious loot like the Sixth Anniversary Riding Horse Skin, Anniversary Cake that provides a temporary Fame buff, the Chromacannon that shoots fireworks, and many other valuable items. These statues, differing in sizes and strengths, present challenges with corresponding rewards, with more formidable foes promising richer loot.

Players who log in during the event will be awarded a special Sixth Anniversary Avatar and Avatar Ring as a token of their participation. The event is scheduled to run until the maintenance on July 26 for Albion East and July 27 for Albion West. Players are encouraged to gear up, defeat these symbolic adversaries, and claim their rewards.

From July 17 to 24, Albion Online will also host a special Twitch Drops campaign, offering Exclusive Chests as rewards. The campaign runs concurrently with the regular Twitch Drops campaign and has the same watchtime requirements. On top of this, the developers have lined up contests on their social media platforms, details of which can be found on the official forum post.

Alongside these exciting activities, Albion Online is also hosting an Anniversary Vanity Sale, with a different Vanity product on sale each day until 10:00 UTC on July 24. This offers players a chance to spruce up their avatars and join the celebrations in style.