Albion Online Welcomes The Rites of Spring Event with a Fame Boost 1

Albion Online Welcomes The Rites of Spring Event with a Fame Boost

The seasonal event, The Rites of Spring, returns to Albion Online, featuring a 35% increase in Fame for players, alongside opportunities to discover chests and acquire bunny mounts. The event spans two weeks, offering a range of activities and rewards to enhance the gaming experience for participants.

This edition of The Rites of Spring is highlighted by a notable Fame boost, providing a 35% increase in Fame from all non-PvP activities. It’s important to note that this boost does not extend to Fame gained through PvP activities, Tomes of Insight, or Challenge Points.

The event is scheduled in two segments to accommodate different player regions:

  • In Albion Asia (previously known as Albion East), the event is from March 19 to April 2, aligning with maintenance schedules.
  • For Albion Americas (formerly Albion West), the dates are from March 20 to April 3, also beginning and ending with maintenance.

Beyond the Fame boost, The Rites of Spring event is renowned for its treasure hunts. Increased appearances of treasure chests worldwide and special Spring Treasure Chests offer players a chance to find valuable items, including Spring Cottontail Eggs and Eerie Cottontail Eggs. These can be raised into Tier 8 mounts, the Spring Cottontail and Caerleon Cottontail, each with distinctive abilities such as “Hop” and “Rabbit Frenzy” for the Caerleon variant.

The event also sees the return of Colored Eggs across Albion, filled with chocolates, Surprise Eggs, and occasionally, Cottontail Eggs. The demand for themed vanity items is expected to rise, with Eggsecutioner weapons, “Bunny Stalker” wardrobe items, and Chocolate Bars among the sought-after items.

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