Black Desert Online's Festa Updates Bring Mythical Doom Horse, New PvP Season, and More 1

Black Desert Online’s Festa Updates Bring Mythical Doom Horse, New PvP Season, and More

Pearl Abyss revealed a series of enticing updates for the next fortnight across the Black Desert franchise, including Black Desert Online (PC), Black Desert Console (PlayStation and Xbox), and Black Desert Mobile.


For Black Desert Online on PC, the Mythical Doom horse, famed as the fastest horse in the game, is now available. An additional boon of the Mythical Doom horse is its unique skill “Shadows of Hellfire” that summons two more Doom mounts, allowing other members of a guild or party to mount them. These duplicates, mirroring the original’s fiery aesthetics and skills, will vanish after 10 minutes.

The process of obtaining a Mythical Horse is now easier with a new system that increases success rates. Also, Mythical Feathers, vital for creating a Mythical Censer, can now be acquired by defeating the world boss, Offin, as well as other field bosses like Black Shadow and Red Nose.

Additionally, the third season of Arena of Solare, a 3v3 PvP mode, is now live. Players can battle it out in diverse environments derived from the Land of the Morning Light continent, such as the Dokkebi Cave and Dalbeol Village.

For those seeking some lighter fun, the “Terrmian Beach” festival opens today for two weeks, featuring in-game events at the Sand Castle Crasher on the beach.


Console players, hold on tight! Black Desert Console is set to roll out its Land of the Morning Light expansion, one of its largest updates, on July 26. This expansion unveils a gorgeous new continent steeped in Korea’s folklore, inviting players to solve a dark mystery afflicting a serene port village.

Unlike traditional Black Desert regions, Land of the Morning Light offers players the freedom to choose the sequence of main quests, each leading to a distinct boss fight. Following the main quests, players can partake in “Boss Blitz” content, battling bosses of varying difficulty levels and competing for the top spot in weekly rankings.


Black Desert Mobile adds new exploration content called the “Murrowak Labyrinth,” where players must navigate through a treacherous cave, discover hidden elements, and battle unique monsters. Those at level 80 or higher with 39,000 or more CP can venture into the labyrinth twice a month to earn valuable rewards.

Black Desert Mobile also introduces the Alpaca mount (exclusive to Shai class) and Ice Reindeer (available for all classes) via quest completion. Additionally, three events are underway to commemorate the updates: the Eversnow Valley Event, the Food for Alpaca Ranch Event, and the LogIn Event, each offering its own set of enticing rewards.

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