Black Desert Console Update Introduces 'Scholar' Class 1

Black Desert Console Update Introduces ‘Scholar’ Class

The Black Desert Console community sees the arrival of the ‘Scholar’, a new class launched by Pearl Abyss in their latest game update. This class, available for players on both PlayStation and Xbox, features unique combat abilities centered around the use of hammers and gravity manipulation.

The ‘Scholar’ joins as the 27th class in Black Desert Console, bringing with her a blend of swift attacks and powerful moves. This update comes alongside a month-long series of events and rewards celebrating the game’s anniversary on console platforms.

Scholar Class Features

The Scholar class introduces a novel playstyle with her ability to manipulate gravity, allowing for a variety of combat tactics against foes. Based on feedback from the PC version of the game, the console update includes several improvements to make the Scholar’s gameplay smoother and more dynamic. These enhancements cover animation fluidity, combo extensions, and the strengthening of certain skills to improve overall mobility and combat efficiency.

Console Player Statistics and Trends

In conjunction with the class launch, Pearl Abyss released an infographic highlighting various player achievements and trends on the console version of Black Desert. This includes milestones such as the number of players reaching significant gameplay hours, as well as insights into the most challenging and defeated monsters within the game.

Black Desert Console Update Introduces 'Scholar' Class 2

Anniversary Celebrations

Black Desert Console Update Introduces 'Scholar' Class 3

To mark the anniversary, the game is hosting a variety of events, contests, and promotions designed to engage the player base. These include increased in-game rewards, special challenges, and exclusive events tailored to celebrate the achievements of the Black Desert Console community.

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