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ArcheAge Reveals New Ship-Based Battle Royale Mode: Naval Arena – Stillwater Gulf

ArcheAge Reveals New Ship-Based Battle Royale Mode: Naval Arena – Stillwater Gulf

ArcheAge has just announced a thrilling addition to its gameplay – the Stillwater Gulf. This new naval arena mode introduces ship-based battle royale action to the game, promising intense maritime skirmishes and high-stakes survival.

In the Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf, players are pitted against each other in a high seas battle to the death. Each player will summon their own clipper at the start of the game, which they must stay on board throughout the entirety of the match.

Survival not only requires combat prowess, but also strategic play. As the wave of Greedy Shadows encroaches, players must stay within Ezi’s Divine Protection or face certain death. Exploration and monster slaying offer players opportunities to find supplies, which can then be used to upgrade their clippers and gain the upper hand against opponents.

Despite the one-hour duration of the arena, players must stay vigilant as the Greedy Shadows move fast, ensuring a quick and dynamic battle. Communication is also prohibited in the arena due to the curse of the ghosts, adding another layer of challenge as players fight under the same conditions with all active buffs and debuffs canceled.

The Stillwater Gulf can accommodate 20 to 50 players and is available for a limited period, from July 13, 2023 (post-maintenance) to August 3, 2023 (pre-maintenance). Eligible players, those at level 30 and above, can participate up to five times daily with rewards restricted to three instances per day.

Players in the European region can join the battles daily from 15:00 to 23:00 CEST, while North American players can enter from 13:00 to 21:00 PDT.

Entrance to the arena is simple. A banner will appear at the top right corner of the screen during entry times, which players can click to open the Instance window. However, bear in mind that players under any form of debuff, such as awaiting or participating in a trial, being a prisoner, or carrying a trade pack, will not be allowed entry.

Even after players have exhausted their daily entries, they can still participate in the arena, though they won’t earn instance rewards and their results will still affect their rankings.