Blade & Soul Rolls Out Major Skysong Isle Update with Patch 19.0 1

Blade & Soul Rolls Out Major Skysong Isle Update with Patch 19.0

The Skysong Isle content update for Blade & Soul has been launched, introducing an exciting new mythical dungeon, enhancements to the game’s system, fresh challenges, and more.

At the heart of the update is the new ‘Skysong Isle’ mythical dungeon, located on the Northern Continent at ‘Skysong Isle Coast’. Gamers will require a minimum level of 60 to enter the dungeon, where they will encounter the engaging ‘Isle of the Storm’ quest. The Demonsbane tab now features the Skysong Isle, and the daily challenge now includes ‘Isle of the Storm’.

The update introduces fresh quests that detail the tales of Skysong Isle, including ‘A letter from Troupe Agent Gilgwon’, ‘The Search for Daiyuna’, and ‘Isle of the Storm’. Six new achievements specifically for Skysong Isle are now attainable.

System enhancements are also part of the update, with a new Auto-Enchant system that allows players to designate the number of enchantments they want. An upgraded Party Communication system allows for customizable key bindings and message settings, aimed at enhancing party collaboration.

The Soul Pass Stormtide Season1 event kicks off with the update, offering new rewards by completing tasks. The event runs from May 24 till June 21. However, the update also concludes the ‘Precious Water Fight Against Hunger’ and ‘Soul League Season2’ events.

Several class skills have been rebalanced for the Blademaster, Zen Archer, and Bard classes, while some dungeon modifications have been made to the ‘Abyssal Throne’ and ‘Koldrak’s Lair’ dungeons.

Lastly, the new ranking season has begun with the update, and a new Exploration Journal ‘Story’ has been added.

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