Blade & Soul Developers Outline Changes and Upcoming Content in 2023 1

Blade & Soul Developers Outline Changes and Upcoming Content in 2023

Blade & Soul, the popular MMORPG game, recently released a “Letter from the Producer” detailing the changes made in 2022 based on player feedback, and what the game developers have in store for 2023. The game developers have listened to player feedback and made adjustments to the in-game economy by introducing Gold rewards for daily challenges, which has helped players boost their economic gains. They have also improved the Dragon Express for Premium members, which was previously criticized for being outdated and unrewarding.

In 2023, the developers plan to continue to grow Blade & Soul with the community’s feedback and to communicate more with the players. They aim to publish a minimum of two Producer Letters per year, providing players with additional insights into their decision-making. The developers are committed to strengthening the communication between the Producers and the Community, ensuring that player voices are heard and appreciated.

There will be two months in 2023 with lighter content compared to what was originally planned, but the developers assure players that the outcome will be better in the long run. The first month with lighter content will be February, and the second is projected for September. The March update, however, is packed with loads of new content, which will be previewed in a livestream at the end of February.

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