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Bounty Hunter Returns to Old-School Runescape

Bounty Hunter Returns to Old-School Runescape

Old-School Runescape’s classic PvP minigame, Bounty Hunter, makes a triumphant return to the game, causing fans to gear up for combat in anticipation of the bloody battle that awaits. This update was accompanied by routine save data backups, ensuring a smooth transition.

While the infamous Vesta’s blighted longsword is usable in Bounty Hunter, players are cautioned that it remains unprotected upon death, and can thus be lost, unless purchased from the rewards shop. This variant requires further charging with GP and reverts to an inactive state on death.

Bounty Hunter was reintroduced as a part of Jagex’s efforts to encourage new players to engage with Old School’s high-risk PvP gameplay. The game mode is accessible via Bounty Hunter worlds 318 and 319, where players will discover a new area, Daimon’s Crater, accessible via the Ferox Enclave.

The revamped Bounty Hunter features an improved infrastructure, with facilities such as Bank Chests, Pools of Refreshment, a Coffer, a Loot Chest, and a Poll Booth available to players. Iconic Bounty Hunter hats also make a return and can be unlocked based on accumulated Bounty Hunter kills. Players need to meet the eligibility criteria, which include a minimum combat level of 32 and at least 48 hours of playtime.

The Bounty Hunter update is a significant addition to Old-School Runescape’s PvP landscape, promising players thrilling combat, strategic gameplay, and enticing rewards. Players are advised to get ready for a summer filled with intense PvP action!