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Old School RuneScape Rolls Out Tithe Farm Updates and Teases Poll 79 Changes

Old School RuneScape Rolls Out Tithe Farm Updates and Teases Poll 79 Changes

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has launched updates to the Tithe Farm minigame as per Poll 79. These changes bring in several adjustments aimed at improving gameplay and rewarding hardworking farmers. Additionally, OSRS developers have hinted at upcoming changes rolling out in late May and June.

Under the new Tithe Farm rules, griefing is no longer possible as it’s now instanced and solo-only. Gamers can earn points more frequently and can carry up to 10,000 seeds for extended farming sessions. A point-based reward system has been implemented, offering 1 Point for every 3 plants and an additional 2 Points for every 100 plants harvested.

The update also introduces some changes to the reward shop, Farmer Gricoller’s, where Bologa’s Blessings quantity has doubled and new Herb Boxes are available, costing 30 Points each. The team is eager to receive player feedback on the changes, particularly concerning the Herb Box cost.

In addition to the Tithe Farm updates, OSRS has announced some Poll 79 changes regarding combat mechanics. Specifically, players will now get audio cues indicating a change in attack styles for Tortured and Demonic Gorillas and the Hunllef boss fight.

On the item front, Scaly Blue Dragonhides, a new drop item from various dragon species, have been introduced as part of the Poll 79 update. Also, any Hide in the inventory will now be automatically processed when one is cut.

Several updates to the client interface have been rolled out as well. Notably, a new setting now allows players to turn off ground overlay item prices. Additionally, several bugs in the Loot Tracker system have been fixed to correctly display various rewards and loot.

The XP Tracker issue, which was removed in the last update, causing some players to be unable to reactivate it, has now been rectified. Finally, the Broadcast System that exhibited some odd behavior following last week’s engine changes has been fixed.

Looking ahead, OSRS has teased upcoming changes to the world switcher, introducing new icons to better identify the world type. These changes are scheduled to roll out next week.