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Blue Protocol: A Deep Dive into the Forthcoming Anime MMO

Blue Protocol: A Deep Dive into the Forthcoming Anime MMO

Following the announcement from Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios, the highly anticipated Anime Multiplayer Online Action RPG, Blue Protocol, is set for its initial release in Japan on June 14 on PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox X/S. This date marks the first time players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vast, anime-styled world of Regnas.

However, for Western fans of the genre, a little more patience is required. While the original plan was to have a simultaneous global release, the developers have moved the Western release window to 2024. This decision comes as the team doubles down on their efforts to localize the game’s deeply immersive narratives and to establish the necessary infrastructure for the multiplayer adventures and massive online raids that Blue Protocol promises to deliver.

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Despite the delay, Western players won’t be left entirely in the lurch. A Closed Beta test for PC will be launched later this year, providing a sneak peek into the world of Blue Protocol ahead of its full 2024 release. Eager adventurers can sign up for the Closed Beta on the game’s official page.

Blue Protocol promises a compelling blend of dynamic action combat, rich character customization, and a sprawling, epic narrative. Let’s delve into what makes this forthcoming game a title to watch for in the MMO space.

A Grand Adventure Through Regnas

In Blue Protocol, players are thrust into the world of Regnas, where they’re tasked with uncovering the truth about their origins. Along the journey, they’ll interact with characters from various worlds and forge friendships, shaping their own unique narrative. Their quests lead them to confront an inescapable destiny, one that will determine the fate of planet Regnas.

Regnas serves as the stage for an epic, multi-layered narrative. Teetering on the edge of annihilation due to a distortion in space-time brought about by excessive reliance on technology, Regnas is a realm of beauty, danger, and mystery.

As a player, your journey traverses diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to lush grasslands, sacred highlands, eerie abandoned areas, sprawling deserts, and cities built around life-giving oases. Each setting is an intricate tapestry of lore, culture, and conflict, providing both challenges and rewards for adventurers.

The world of Regnas isn’t a mere backdrop. Instead, it forms a vibrant, integral part of your experience in Blue Protocol, shaping your adventures and interactions in meaningful ways. As you travel across Regnas, you uncover the truth about your origins, forge alliances, face formidable foes, and strive to alter the cataclysmic destiny of your world.

Fast-Paced, Action-Driven Combat

One of Blue Protocol’s standout features is its action-based combat system. Accessible to both beginners and advanced players, the combat mechanics rely on straightforward controls that can be customized to suit individual playstyles. Players can choose their class based on the weapon they select, allowing them to adapt to combat situations without changing their customized character.

In Blue Protocol, your class is defined by your weapon choice, allowing flexibility in facing various combat situations. Here’s a glimpse at the classes available:

Blade Warden: Master of sword and shield, they excel in close-range combat and defense. A sturdy frontline choice for any team.

Twin Striker: Wielding dual axes, this class delivers rapid, high-damage attacks up close, ideal for aggressive combatants.

Keen Strider: Specializing in mid to long-range attacks, Keen Striders provide crucial support and adaptability in party battles.

Spell Weaver: A high-difficulty class that leverages long-range magical attacks. It’s a strategic choice for those who prefer staying away from the front lines.

Foe Breaker: With a mighty hammer, Foe Breakers dominate close to medium-range combat, dishing out heavy blows that shake the battlefield.

Character Customization and Echoes

Blue Protocol provides a wealth of options for personalizing the player character. From facial appearance and hairstyles to clothes, accessories, weapons, and mounts, players can create a truly unique character. The game also offers a series of expressive gestures and dances, adding another layer of personality to the characters.

An intriguing feature of Blue Protocol is Echoes, spiritual remnants of mystical creatures with potent attacks. Players can summon Echoes in battle to overcome formidable foes, obtained during quests or crafted using field-gathered materials.

Exploring Regnas and Tackling Quests

Blue Protocol shines in its exploration mechanics. The various regions of Regnas, such as the bustling city of Asterliese, the grassy Asteria Plains, or the Bahamar Highlands with its revered Pillar of Divinity, offer distinct landscapes to traverse. Each location has its unique inhabitants, wildlife, and challenges.

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Players can undertake quests solo, or they can team up with other players to battle bosses or participate in massive online raids against towering monsters. The game’s multiplayer mechanics include a matchmaking system, allowing players to connect with others at a similar level, and a Parties List for adventurers seeking to take on the same challenges.

The Enigmatic Characters of Blue Protocol

The game boasts a cast of intriguing characters. Feste, a playful girl with a cunning streak; Jake, a self-proclaimed top adventurer; Aeryn, a visitor from the future aiming to change Regnas’ destiny; and Voldigen, the resurrected king of the Dracari race, are some of the fascinating personalities players will encounter.

Platform Support and Future Plans

Blue Protocol will be available for free download on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox X/S. For those eager to experience the game earlier, the developers have planned a PC Closed Beta test to take place in 2023. Interested players can sign up for the closed beta on the official website.

Blue Protocol promises an immersive, action-packed MMO experience set in a beautifully crafted anime world. With its narrative depth, engaging combat, extensive customization options, and vibrant multiplayer community, Blue Protocol stands as one of the most anticipated MMO games in the horizon. As we eagerly await its full launch, the anticipation continues to build for what promises to be a grand adventure in the world of Regnas.