Corepunk Shares Some Info on Combat & Loot 1

Corepunk Shares Some Info on Combat & Loot

In a recent post on Reddit, isometric cyberpunk MMO Corepunk shares a few tidbits of information on the upcoming title.

At the moment it seems like the team at Artificial Core is working on the “feeling of combat” which we all know is an important aspect of any game, as well as the loot system, which will be in the style of ARPGs like Diablo where the loot drop on the ground.

We also got treated to a list of what players can expect at the launch of the game.

  • In depth hero customization;
  • PvP, PvE;
  • Heroes with different styles of gameplay;
  • Unique quests uncovering the fascinating lore of the world;
  • Challenging dungeons and deadly bosses, each demanding a specialized approach;
  • Arenas and battlegrounds;
  • Five gathering professions: Skinner, Collector, Miner, Lumberjack, and Herbalist;
  • Besides gathering there are six professions: Blacksmith, Artifactsmith, Alchemist, Mystic, Fishing and Cooking;
  • Ten Passive Talents branches, from which you can choose any three, combining them in your own way.

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