Corepunk Update: Game Progress, Bots, and New Creatures Revealed 1

Corepunk Update: Game Progress, Bots, and New Creatures Revealed

Artificial Core, the developer behind the highly-anticipated MMO game Corepunk, has just shared exciting updates on the progress of the game.

The developers are currently focusing on optimizing the back end and front end of the game, with the introduction of bots playing a crucial role in this process. Bots, which can mimic player behavior such as killing monsters, completing quests, crafting, and gathering resources, are being used to test server load and conduct automated game testing. As development progresses, the capabilities of these bots are set to expand.

Corepunk Update: Game Progress, Bots, and New Creatures Revealed 2

Artificial Core is also continually refining the itemization within Corepunk. Recent developments include the introduction of new items for balance and the completion of consumable items that can provide temporary boosts to player characteristics.

The game’s monster camps have been a significant focus of recent work. The developers are designing these camps to be more vibrant and immersive, reflecting the creatures that inhabit them. One finished concept revealed by the team is a camp for leafy monsters, the result of chemical experiments gone awry, which now feels more natural and integrated into the game’s world. Other finalized camp concepts include a construction set for an imp camp, which is designed to support a large number of these mean, foul-mouthed creatures, and a massive camp for Dendroids, large creatures that guard their camps and maintain the eco-balance.

Creatures inhabiting the forest area of Kwalat, one of the game’s regions, have also been elaborated upon. Several different types of Dendroids, varying in size and abilities, have been showcased. These include a Dendroid Guard that causes explosions with its fists, a mid-sized Dendroid that can command creeping roots, and a small Dendroid that throws explosive seeds at players. Also revealed were wooden predators that can emit damaging wasps from their bodies, and a wooden deer capable of dashing to inflict physical damage.

Corepunk Update: Game Progress, Bots, and New Creatures Revealed 12

The developers have encouraged feedback from the player community on these updates and are keen to share more information about the game’s development in future posts.

Fans of the genre will undoubtedly be eagerly following these updates, as Corepunk continues its development journey toward beta testing and eventual full release.

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