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Corepunk Gears Up for Public Alpha 2 with Enhanced Features and Expansions

Corepunk Gears Up for Public Alpha 2 with Enhanced Features and Expansions

In a long-awaited update from the Corepunk team, fans of the emerging MMORPG have much to look forward to with the announcement of Public Alpha 2, set to run from April 23rd to April 30th, 2024. This comes after a brief hiatus and a reflective period by the developers, who have taken community feedback to heart, aiming to refine and expand the gaming experience significantly.

The decision to delay the test phase beyond the initially targeted end of winter arises from a commitment to addressing the myriad issues uncovered during the first alpha. The team emphasized the need for additional time to ensure a seamless and successful test phase, underscoring their gratitude towards the community for their invaluable feedback.

What’s New in Alpha 2?

Quality of Life Improvements

The Corepunk team has taken player complaints from the first alpha seriously, focusing on eradicating nuisances that hampered gameplay. Players can expect an improved map and quest interface, making navigation and quest tracking more intuitive. This includes NPC location pointers for quest handovers, enhanced reward visibility, and a more detailed quest log. Additionally, players will now be able to filter points of interest and share custom markers on the map, fostering a more collaborative gameplay experience.

Early gameplay has been enhanced, particularly from levels 1 to 5, with a focus on balancing and the inclusion of additional tutorials and quest modifications. Crafting tables have been conveniently relocated to address the inconvenience of traversing back and forth in the game’s expansive world.

Gathering and Crafting Updates

Responding to feedback on the randomness of gathering resources, the game now features diversified gathering spots and adjusted resource distribution from butchering, encouraging players to target specific mobs for specific resources. The introduction of chest mechanics in camps adds a new layer to both PvE and PvP environments, alongside periodic inventory updates from merchants to offer rare items and deals.

Crafting has also been expanded to include tier 3 items, allowing for a broader range of customization options for players to tailor their heroes.

World Expansion and New Content

Emphasizing the desire to move away from repetitive quests and grinding, the Corepunk team envisions the game as an episodic adventure, with major content updates every 2-3 months. These updates are promised to introduce new locations, settlements, mobs, NPCs, heroes, and weapon specializations, enriching the game’s narrative and world.

Hero Builds and Backend Improvements

Significant gameplay changes are in the pipeline, with the introduction of three new specializations: Ranger, Shaman, and Infiltrator, alongside eight passive skill trees aimed at diversifying hero builds. The technical team has also been hard at work improving game security, connection speeds, and overall performance, promising a smoother and more stable gaming experience.

The Corepunk team’s dedication to refining and expanding the game, driven by community feedback, sets the stage for an exciting Public Alpha 2. Players are invited to join an AMA session on February 22nd and encouraged to register an account for a chance to experience the improvements firsthand.