DCUO Announces Summer Seasonal Event and Bonus Artifact XP! 1

DCUO Announces Summer Seasonal Event and Bonus Artifact XP!

The tide of war is upon us as DC Universe Online (DCUO) rolls out its Summer Seasonal Event and Bonus Artifact XP week. This exciting update brings about a surge of new features, improvements, and, of course, countless thrilling battles to take part in.

In the Tides of War Summer Seasonal Event, the battle for the Atlantean throne rages on as Aquaman’s duplicitous half-brother, Ocean Master, raises an army of rebel Atlanteans in a bid to usurp King Arthur’s throne. The civil war has extended to the waters of Metropolis, and it is up to you to enter the fray, fight for your chosen side, and secure the Atlantean Outpost. Accomplishing this feat will earn you a slew of new rewards, and engaging emotes such as the “Death Metal,” “Table Flip,” and “Casual Selfie.”

DCUO Announces Summer Seasonal Event and Bonus Artifact XP! 2

To participate, players can track “Tides of War” in their Mission Journal or check the Events tab in the On Duty menu. Alternatively, you can warp directly to the Open World Content by selecting “Summer Seasonal: Ocean Master.” Prepare yourself for new feats, including “Handheld Celebration,” “Tropical Gumshoe,” “Vacation Ready,” and “Surf and Turf,” all of which have been reorganized to make feat-hunting more intuitive, fun, and easy. This event, open to all level 20 and above, is also debuting new Chromas, base items, and casual beachwear styles to add a summer flair to your gaming experience.

In light of the summer festivities, DCUO is also showing its support for Pride Month, offering free gifts for everyone. Remember, true heroes listen, support, and uplift those around them.

DCUO Announces Summer Seasonal Event and Bonus Artifact XP! 3

But that’s not all – Artifact aficionados, prepare yourselves! With the recent rebalancing of the Eye of Gemini Artifact, DCUO is giving a week-long double XP boost to all players from June 1, 2023, to June 7, 2023. During this week, all Artifact XP gains will be doubled when fortifying and ranking up your Artifacts.

To ensure that everyone feels the excitement, DCUO is also offering three special Artifact gifts based on player engagement with the Eye of Gemini Artifact, including the Artifact Celebration Pack, the Eye of Gemini Boost, and the Eye Of Gemini Refinement Grant. Full details about these gifts can be found on the official site.

However, please note, the Bonus Artifact XP week will begin this Thursday after the Game Update’s downtime and last through Wednesday, June 7, 2023. The Artifact Celebration Pack must be claimed by June 14, 2023, while the Eye of Gemini Boost and Refinement Grant have already been automatically applied to all characters with Eye of Gemini Artifacts. So, buckle up, heroes, and enjoy this thrill-filled Summer Seasonal Event and the Bonus Artifact XP week.

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