10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 1

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets

Whether you’re looking for something dark and menacing or awe-inspiring, these Death Knight transmog sets have you covered.

The Death Knight class was introduced in World of Warcraft the first hero class in the game, and Death Knights have become a fan-favorite among players for their awesome Transmog looks.

With dozens of Transmog sets to choose from, we’ve picked out ten of our favorite Death Knight sets that are sure to turn heads on the battlefield or in your Transmog collection. Whether you’re looking for a dark, bone-inspired set or a flashy yet sinister look, there’s something for every Death Knight fan in our list.

These are the 10 best Death Knight Transmog sets picked by the MMORPG.GG crew.

We have only selected whole sets, but transmog can and should of course be mixed and matched for the best results!

10. Battleplate of the All-Consuming Maw

How To Get It: Throne of Thunder

Match With: Qwor N’lyeth, Sk’shuul Vaz

Race Choice: Undead

This epic Transmog set is inspired by the bones and sinew of a massive beast, featuring gaping maw shoulder armor and a horned helmet with a pretty cool effect.

This set is perfect for a more gritty and grim Transmog look, and it’s sure to make your enemies quiver in fear.

It also looks very good with a lot of the weapons from Ny’alotha, the Waking City.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 2
Battleplate of the All-Consuming Maw is a good set for Undead Death Knights.

9. Dreadwyrm Battleplate

How To Get It: The Nighthold

Match With: Stoneborn Goliath’s Cleaver, Wavecaller Cutlass

Race Choice: Dwarf or Human

For a more regal Transmog look, the elegant Dreadwyrm Battleplate is a great choice. This set features intricate details and beautifully detailed armor, adding a touch of elegance to any Death Knight’s Transmog wardrobe, while still looking dark and deadly.

Like many of the sets from The Nighthold this set looks amazing. All the versions are fantastic and pair well with different weapon transmogs.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 3
Dreadwyrm Battleplate is both savage and primal.

8. Battleplate of Cyclopean Dread

How To Get It: Siege of Orgrimmar

Match With: Distinguished Blade of Cartel Al

Race Choice: Draenei

The different versions of this set all look great, but the Normal version is the most fitting on a Death Knight.

The helmet on this set is fantastic and can be used to put together a lot of great transmog looks.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 4
Battleplate of Cyclopean Dread looks great on a Draenei.

7. Prideful Gladiator’s Dreadplate Armor

How To Get It: PvP Vendors

Match With: Ravager Hunting Spear, Leviathan Lure, Marrowfused Claymore, Axe of the Tauren Chieftans

Race Choice: Kul Tiran, Human or Orc

This is a very different-looking set, with a very primal, almost post-apocalyptic feel. It looks like it might have been inspired by Chaos Warriors from Warhammer.

The textures are very detailed and will make you stand out.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 5
Prideful Gladiator’s Dreadplate Armor looks very Warhammer inspired.

6. Dreadful Gladiator’s Dreadplate Armor

How To Get It: PvP Vendors

Match With: Sumprush Mace, Warmongering Gladiator’s Decapitator

Race Choice: Troll of Zandalari Troll

This Transmog set features heavy plate armor with sharp spikes, a horn, and a sinister smile to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

The set looks almost alien and reminds me a bit of a Predator.

Both color variations are great but personally, I prefer the green Honor version.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 6
Dreadful Gladiator’s Dreadplate Armor is a savage-looking set.

5. Magma Plated Battlearmor

How To Get It: The Bastion of Twilight

Match With: Shadowmourne

Race Choice: Dwarf or Dark Iron Dwarf

Both versions look good depending on if you want a fiery or icy look, the Normal version might be the most Death Knighty.

Either way, it’s an iconic look with a great helmet and shoulders to match.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 7
Both variants of the Magma Plated Battlearmor look incredible.

4. Grand Sentinel’s Greatplate

How To Get It: Castle Nathria

Match With: Gilded Sinfall Bastard Sword, Gilded Crusader’s Morningstar,

Race Choice: Kul Tiran, Human, Dwarf, or Orc

This is another set that looks very Warhammer inspired. It is not exclusive to Death Knights but still fit the class very well.

The metallic textures look incredible on this set and really stands out.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 8

3. Sanctified Scourgelord’s Plate

How To Get It: Icecrown Citadel

Match With: Icy Ebon Warsword

Race Choice: Human or Orc

This is maybe the most iconic Death Knight set, with the heavy plate armor that has skulls with glowing eyes all over it.

The helmet is very clean looking and the scalemail down the sides looks fantastic.

This is definitely the set for old-school Death Knight fans.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 9
Sanctified Scourgelord’s Plate is an iconic transmog set.

2. Plate of the Lost Catacomb

How To Get It: Heart of Fear

Match With: Jotungeirr, Destiny’s Call,

Race Choice: Undead or Nightborne

This is another great set for Undead Death Knights featuring skulls with glowing eyes on both the helmet and shoulder and some really cool horns.

It has a really demonic look to it.

All three versions of the set look really good!

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 10
Plate of the Lost Catacomb has some great color combinations.

1. Soulforged Dreadplate

How To Get It: Sanctum of Domination

Match With: Maw of the Damned, Marzan’s Dancing Twin-Scythe

Race Choice: Night Elf or Nightborne

This sinister set features sharp metal armor with eerie glowing red effects and gems.

The set is not exclusive to Death Knights but look incredible and fits the theme of the class really well.

There are also many weapons that go really well with this set.

10 Best Death Knight Transmog Sets 11
Soulforged Dreadplate is perfect for a Blood Death Knight.

No matter what transmog Transmog you pick, there’s something here for every Death Knight fan. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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