Destiny 2 Launches "Season of the Deep" with Unique PlayStation Character Gear and New Activities 1

Destiny 2 Launches “Season of the Deep” with Unique PlayStation Character Gear and New Activities

Destiny 2‘s latest offering, “Season of the Deep”, is now available and brings along a multitude of exciting features. The new season introduces new activities, weekly story missions, fresh updates to Crucible, and a unique dungeon, all wrapped up with new and updated weapons and gear. In a first of its kind partnership with PlayStation, Bungie is bringing in ornaments and gear inspired by iconic characters and worlds from different PlayStation studios into Destiny 2.

The season kick-starts with Guardians exploring the depths of Titan, spurred on by a peculiar signal originating from beneath its methane sea. Season Pass holders will have access to weekly “Deep Dive” missions, the all-new matchmade Seasonal activity dubbed “Salvage”, and a unique “Fishing” activity.

For Guardians seeking fresh challenges and treasures, a new dungeon unlocks on Friday at 10 AM PT. This dungeon is the first of two set to be released this year, and it will be available to players who possess either the Lightfall + Annual Pass or the Lightfall Dungeon Key.

A new title, “Aquanaut”, can be earned throughout the season, and players who secure the title will have the opportunity to buy the Aquanaut pin from Bungie Rewards to add to their collections. Bungie Rewards will also offer other in-game achievements throughout the “Season of the Deep”.

As a part of the partnership with PlayStation, players can now style their characters with armor ornaments and finishers inspired by popular PlayStation characters such as Aloy, Kratos, and Jin Sakai. The Eververse platform is also launching various fan-favorite game items on all platforms. These include a Clicker Ghost Shell, Sparrow, ship, and even an emote inspired by Ratchet & Clank’s gold bolt.

This year’s Guardian Games event has concluded with Titans emerging victorious. The Guardian Games statue will remain in the Tower throughout the year to commemorate the win. Guardian Games Cup 2023, in collaboration with the Bungie Foundation, succeeded in raising $145,000 for Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee.

The season also brings updates to the player versus player experience, including the reprised Meltdown map and Trials of Osiris updates. More information about these updates can be found in the May 4, 2023, TWAB.

With the “Season of the Deep”, Destiny 2 takes another step forward in creating a unique and immersive gaming experience, blending its own universe with beloved characters from the PlayStation world, while constantly offering new challenges to its players.

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