Destiny 2 Unveils Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon: Underwater Adventure Beckons in the Arcology 1

Destiny 2 Unveils Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon: Underwater Adventure Beckons in the Arcology

New treasures, missions, and an alluring armor set are the highlight of the first dungeon in the Lightfall Year.

Bungie, the acclaimed developer behind Destiny 2, announced the launch of the game’s latest expansion, Ghosts of the Deep. This exciting new chapter invites Guardians to delve into the unknown recesses of Titan’s methane sea, confronting the menacing Lucent Hive and discovering secrets lost beneath the waves.

The Ghosts of the Deep dungeon is the first to be released in Destiny 2’s Lightfall Year. The launch of the new expansion comes with unique rewards and enticing gameplay mechanics that promise to captivate Destiny 2’s dedicated player base.

Players willing to brave the uncharted depths can look forward to unique treasures, including a fresh armor set and the Strand Exotic Trace Rifle. The highly anticipated Ghoul title is now available for Guardians seeking to prove their prowess in mastering the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon.

In addition to these exclusive in-game rewards, Guardians completing the dungeon before August 22 will have the opportunity to purchase the Dungeon Pin and Hoodie from the Bungie Store, via Bungie Rewards.

Access to the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon is available via purchase of the Lightfall Dungeon Key for 2,000 Silver, or with the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition. This bundle offers a year’s worth of Destiny 2 content, an enticing prospect for dedicated Guardians.

Launched alongside Ghosts of the Deep is the Season of the Deep, a new event inviting Guardians back to Titan to aid an old ally and investigate an enigmatic presence lurking beneath the waves. The season commences with new story missions, the Salvage Seasonal activity, and an all-new fishing activity, amongst other highlights.

In related news, Bungie announced that the next Destiny Showcase is scheduled for August 22, 2023, promising more updates to the ever-evolving Destiny universe. Fans will be delighted to hear that Destiny 2: The Final Shape will feature the return of fan-favorite character Cayde-6, with Nathan Fillion reprising the role.

Moreover, Bungie revealed their brand-new project, Marathon, a PvP-focused sci-fi extraction shooter. This is the studio’s first completely new venture in over a decade, adding further intrigue and excitement to Bungie’s future.

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