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Ember’s Adrift Invites Players to its Free Open Weekend

Ember’s Adrift Invites Players to its Free Open Weekend

Ember’s Adrift has announced an open and free-to-play weekend from Friday, June 2nd at noon CDT to Sunday, June 4th at 11:59 pm CDT. Gamers worldwide are welcomed to partake in this exciting event and explore the game’s expansive universe.

This weekend provides an excellent opportunity for new players to test the game and verify if their computer hardware can run the game smoothly. It’s also a chance for players who’ve been on a hiatus to revisit the game and see what has improved and changed. Gamers can download the game after creating an account on the official Ember’s Adrift site.

The open weekend event is packed with activities, including a content creator marathon on Twitch and Youtube, in-game events, and chances to win game keys.

Starting on Friday, June 2nd, the Content Creator Marathon will be showcasing various styles of gameplay, with streamers giving away a game key per hour throughout the weekend. This provides an excellent opportunity for viewers to win a copy of the game or some free gametime.

Moreover, Ember’s Adrift has also planned a series of exciting in-game events:

Welcoming Party: Happening 30 minutes after the Free Weekend kicks off, players can join a welcoming party at The Circle camp in Newhaven Valley, offering a warm welcome to newcomers with laughter, cheers, and gifts.

Duel Tournament: On Saturday, at 2 pm CDT, players can participate in a Duel Tournament, where the winner stands to receive 80% of the participation fee and an additional 10 silver. The runner-up is awarded 20% of the participation fee and an extra 5 silver.

Monolith Tour: On Saturday, 3 pm CDT, or after the Duel Tournament, players can join a tour catching all the monoliths. This event will need some high-level players to escort the low-level players, providing a great opportunity for collaboration and camaraderie.

Trade Fair: On Sunday, at 2 pm CDT, players can join the weekly Trade Fair in Newhaven City to meet other players, share adventure stories, and trade goods and services.

Marauder Invasion: On Sunday, at 3 pm CDT, players can join a thrilling event where bold Marauders invade Northreach. Players will need to figure out the invaders’ intentions and, if necessary, defend against them.

Ember’s Adrift’s open weekend aims to bring together regular players, returning players, and new players for a massive, beautiful, and fun-filled weekend. The developers invite everyone to participate in this thrilling event and experience the immersive world of Ember’s Adrift.