Diablo Immortal Turns One: Celebrates with New Content and a Nod to Diablo IV 1

Diablo Immortal Turns One: Celebrates with New Content and a Nod to Diablo IV

As the fiery pits of Hell flare up in celebration, Diablo Immortal marks its first-year anniversary on June 2.

To commemorate this significant milestone, Blizzard Entertainment has planned a host of events including a Diablo IV Launch Celebration in collaboration with Diablo Immortal, the introduction of new Lilith-themed cosmetics, a new zone, and a new class.

Drawing inspiration from the creation of Sanctuary by Inarius and Lilith, a series of immersive events are set to unleash sin throughout the realm in early June. The Merciless Monstrosity event, Children of Lilith Battle Pass, and Hatred’s Heritage Phantom Market are designed to offer a distinct and riveting experience for players while also paying homage to Sanctuary’s formidable matriarch, Lilith.

Come mid-June, players will embark on a new chapter in the Main Questline as they traverse the Ancients’ Cradle island, a refuge for reclusive inhabitants. Along with introducing a new PvP Zone Event, Side Quests, Bounties, and new enemy types, this expansion will further investigate the menacing Cult of Terror.

A brand-new class is also set to make its appearance in Diablo Immortal in July. The class, a new addition to the Diablo universe, leans towards a mid-range playstyle and wields a classic weapon type.

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