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Aion Classic Welcomes New Server ‘Nezekan’ to the Game – A Host of Features and Events to Follow

Aion Classic Welcomes New Server ‘Nezekan’ to the Game – A Host of Features and Events to Follow

The world of Aion Classic expands with the new addition of the Nezekan server. Named after Nezekan, the embodiment of justice and fairness in the Aion lore, the server presents a fresh start for both new and seasoned players.

A unique chance to forge new alliances and friendships awaits in Nezekan, coupled with an array of engaging adventures that promise to keep the Aion Classic community immersed and entertained.EXP/Weekend AP Boost Event to Maximize Your Progress

Aion Classic offers a special Nezekan Server EXP/Weekend AP Boost Event to entice new and returning players. From May 9 through May 30, players can expect to earn x4 EXP. Moreover, there’s an AP x4 event lined up from May 12 through May 14, and also on the weekends of May 19-21 and May 26-28. This opportunity to boost progress and rewards is a welcome addition for players looking to get ahead in the game.

In response to player support, Aion Classic extends the ‘Free Siel’s Aura Benefits’ event period by another 28 days. This move is aimed at easing the growth burden for new players and facilitating a quicker transition toward endgame content.

Listening to player feedback, Aion Classic introduces new ways to gain more Kinah, Stigmas, Manastones, and medals with Mysterious and Brilliant Lockboxes. These lockboxes, and their corresponding keys, offer players the chance to significantly boost their gear and prepare for the challenges of endgame content.

The latest Aion Classic content update, Revenant, brings new thrills to the game. Introduced this month, the update adds the exhilarating new Revenant class, updated items and dungeons, and new class skills.