Early Access to Albion Online Europe Server Begins Soon for Founder Pack Owners 1

Early Access to Albion Online Europe Server Begins Soon for Founder Pack Owners

The Albion Online team has announced news for the game’s community with the impending launch of the Albion Europe server. Scheduled to open on April 29, the server will be accessible earlier for players who have purchased Founder Packs. Early access will begin on April 24 for owners of Crystal and Gold tier packs, with subsequent access granted to Silver and Bronze tiers on April 26 and April 28, respectively.

In preparation for the launch, the game developers are implementing several measures to ensure a smooth experience for all players. These include a reduction in world size and adjustments to the Marketplace and Black Market. Players seeking detailed information on these changes can refer to the specific forum post on Albion Online’s official site.

Exclusive Rewards Available Through Twitch Drops

In conjunction with the early access phase, Albion Online is also launching a Twitch Drops campaign from April 24 to May 8. By watching streams with Albion Online content that have Twitch Drops enabled, players can earn the Brown Alpaca mount skin after accumulating at least 15 hours of viewing. Those who already own the mount can still participate and salvage the new skin for Community Tokens, which can be exchanged for different skins. This promotion will run alongside the game’s regular daily chests, providing additional incentives for players to engage with the community and enjoy streamed content.

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