Dark Age of Camelot Announces "Caledonia - Mordred's Revenge" Catch-Up Event 1

Dark Age of Camelot Announces “Caledonia – Mordred’s Revenge” Catch-Up Event

Dark Age of Camelot has launched a new event titled “Caledonia – Mordred’s Revenge,” starting April 22nd. This week-long event offers a refreshed approach to the game’s PvP (Player vs Player) mechanics by allowing players to engage in combat against any player, including those from their own realm.

The event transforms the Caledonia battleground into a venue where players begin at level 1 and can rapidly advance to level 50. The focus is entirely on player combat, with traditional monsters and NPCs removed for the duration of the event. Participants will gain experience and points more quickly, facilitated by bonuses applied to both free and subscribed accounts.

A distinctive feature of this event is the ability for players to attack others outside of their group, disregarding traditional realm alliances. This feature extends to forming groups across different realms and engaging in combat without the usual restrictions.

The mechanics of the game have been adjusted to suit the PvP format of the event. Changes include modifications to buffs, resurrection rules, and group dynamics to enhance player interaction and competition. Safe areas have been established where players can prepare, and strategic movement between these areas is possible through portal obelisks.

The event is designed to enable players who participate fully from the beginning to achieve significant progression by its conclusion, potentially reaching Champion level 15, Master level 10, and Realm Rank 5 or above. Additionally, players can accumulate bounty points which are usable for purchasing gear during and after the event.

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