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Embers Adrift announces pricing change and major content updates in 2023 roadmap

Embers Adrift announces pricing change and major content updates in 2023 roadmap

Embers Adrift, the indie MMORPG developed by Stormhaven Studios, has recently announced a number of changes to its pricing model, content, and future roadmap. The game has only been available for four months, but has already seen a number of major content updates, including new zones, monsters, and features.

Following a recent free weekend, the developers have decided to reduce the game’s pricing. Embers Adrift is now available for a one-time purchase of $29.99, which includes a month of game time, followed by a $9.99/month subscription fee. This subscription model is intended to foster a closer relationship between the players and the developers, without resorting to other forms of monetization like cash shops or pay-to-win features.

The game’s developers have been releasing content updates at an impressive rate for such a small team, including four new Ember Vein dungeons, a large mid-level solo/small/large group dungeon in Meadowlands, and several high-level outdoor dungeons. The game also features a number of new monsters and features, including item linking, crafting overhauls, new long-form quests, and improvements to the active defense system and chat functionality.

Embers Adrift’s upcoming patch, scheduled for February 28th, promises to introduce even more features and content, including a large overland region for mid to high level players, eight new long-form quests, social window UI improvements and filtering, and performance updates. Other upcoming features include a new alchemy system, a large multi-zone dungeon for high-level players, and new storylines and epic quests.