Embers Adrift Patch Brings New Regions, Bag Dragging, and DLSS Support 1

Embers Adrift Patch Brings New Regions, Bag Dragging, and DLSS Support

The latest patch for Embers Adrift has just been released, bringing with it a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. The most significant additions include two new high-level regions, faction banners, bag dragging, and support for NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

One of the most exciting new features in this patch is the addition of two new regions for players to explore. Grimstone Canyon Phase II and Forgotten Depths II are both aimed at players between levels 35 and 39, and offer new challenges to those looking to test their mettle. Grimstone Canyon is overrun by new creatures and dominated by the Stonecoats, while Forgotten Depths II sees players delving even deeper into the twisting passages of this dark and dangerous underground realm.

In addition to the new regions, players can now spot faction banners throughout the game world, representing the various factions in the game. These banners come with tooltips to help players better understand the factions and their motivations. If players choose to enable cloth sim in the options menu, they will also see the banners billowing in the breeze, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game world.

Another exciting addition is the ability to drag bags, which allows players to move items around more easily. This feature requires the owner of the bag to be online in the same zone as the bag, and the dragger must be within 5m of the bag. If the bag does not belong to the dragger, they must also be grouped with the owner. The developers have acknowledged that the distance is currently quite small, but have indicated that it may be extended in the future based on player feedback.

Embers Adrift Patch Brings New Regions, Bag Dragging, and DLSS Support 4

DLSS support has also been added to the game, allowing players with NVIDIA graphics cards to enable Deep Learning Super Sampling for increased performance. This option can be found in the video options menu and is recommended for players running the game at resolutions greater than 1080p.

Finally, the patch includes a range of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, such as improvements to NPC abilities, fixes to environmental issues, and adjustments to various player abilities.

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