Embers Adrift's Shrieks in the Deep Update Unleashes New Areas and Major Features for Players 1

Embers Adrift’s Shrieks in the Deep Update Unleashes New Areas and Major Features for Players

Stormhaven Studios has just released the latest update for Embers Adrift, and it promises to be an exciting one for fans of the indie MMORPG. The Shrieks in the Deep update adds new areas, new creatures, and several major features that will keep players busy exploring the game’s world.

One of the most significant features of the update is the Group Elevated Level system, or GEL for short. This system allows players to level up together as a group, making it easier to explore the game’s dungeons and other challenging content with friends. The update also adds new quests, more inventory space, and a first-person camera view, among other improvements.

Two new areas have been added to the game with the Shrieks in the Deep update. The first is the Forgotten Depths Phase II, which takes players even deeper into the Redshore forest. The Cabal and their cultists have seized power in this new section of the ancient halls, and players will have to fight their way through new creatures like the tormented Shrieks to uncover the secrets hidden within.

The second new area is Grimstone Canyon Phase II, which introduces new challenges for players to overcome. The Stonecoats dominate this part of the canyons, and players will have to contend with hordes of new creatures that spill out from the Forgotten Depths.

In addition to the new areas, the update also adds several major features. These include new unique mobs and rare loot, new faction banners for Newhaven’s allies and enemies, and bag dragging, which allows players to drag lost bags and help out their groupmates. The update also includes new custom headgear, improvements to performance with the addition of the DLSS feature, numerous bug fixes, and other improvements.

To celebrate the release of the update, Stormhaven Studios will be hosting another free play weekend in June. Players can create an account on the game’s website, download the game, and log in with their forum credentials to play for free. The studio has also reminded players that the game has a simple purchase + subscription model, with no cash shops or microtransactions.

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