Embers Adrift Review: Is Embers Adrift Worth Playing in 2024? 1
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Embers Adrift Review: Is Embers Adrift Worth Playing in 2024?

Embers Adrifts





  • True Sandbox
  • Original Setting
  • Good Soundtrack


  • Bland Visuals
  • Uninteresting World
  • Expensive
  • Grindy

Embers Adrift is an indie PvE MMORPG developed by Stormhaven Studios and released in 2022. It was previously known as Saga of Lucimia.

The game is focused on group-based gameplay, exploration, and community, drawing inspiration from experiences in tabletop games and early MMORPGs. 

The game offers a low fantasy environment with no quest hubs, minimaps, or railroads. Embers Adrift’s main appeal comes from the fact that it is a sandbox, allowing players to create their own adventures and stories with the tools given.


One of the key features of Embers Adrift is its group-based gameplay, where players are encouraged to overcome challenges with friends and allies instead can going alone.

Embers Adrift Review: Is Embers Adrift Worth Playing in 2024? 2
Embers Adrift encourages grouping up with your fellow players.

However, the game falls short in several areas. The combat and gameplay feel very slow and grindy, lacking excitement and engagement. The variety of mobs is also meager, making the world feel repetitive and uninteresting. The low fantasy world also makes the game feel like a low-budget EverQuest without any excitement.

Grouping is not required in Embers Adrift, but it is highly recommended, as it allows players to access locations they couldn’t reach on their own. The game avoids hand-holding and even encourages the players to take notes as you have no minimap to go by.

In terms of quests, Embers Adrift’s quests are more about grand adventures and less about simple fetch quests. The quests are tightly connected to the world and its lore, giving Embers Adrift a unique flavor.

Players can choose between three roles – Tank, Damage, and Support – each with three additional specializations. You can switch specializations or roles, but you will lose all progress in the specialization or role you switched away from.

The lore of Embers Adrift is set in the Old Kingdoms, the Darklands, and Newhaven, where ember is a rare and powerful substance. A war broke out over its possession, causing many people to seek a safe place to live in peace, away from the looming threat of the Darklands to the north. The players are among the few who instead made it across the Darklands to Newhaven.

The story and lore are woven into Embers Adrift in a very subtle way, allowing players to explore and learn more as they progress. The world feels unique, but the blandness of it all still leaves something to be desired.

Embers Adrift Review: Is Embers Adrift Worth Playing in 2024? 3
The low-fantasy genre has been taken too far in Embers Adrift.

The low-fantasy setting is very low-fantasy. Humans are the only race. No armors or weapons look even slightly interesting, and almost all the mobs in the game are various animals. There is no magic, but players can use alchemy to make different potions and combat items.


The graphics and visuals in Embers Adrift are as bland as the setting. Everything looks very brown, gray, and dull.

Embers Adrift Review: Is Embers Adrift Worth Playing in 2024? 4
There’s not much interesting to look at in Embers Adrift.

The game is also poorly optimized, with slow load times and lag, which can frustrate players.


The soundtrack in Embers Adrift is one of its redeeming qualities. Embers Adrift has a unique soundtrack, with impressive tracks for each region of the game.


There is no way of knowing at the moment how big the population of Embers Adrift is, as the game isn’t on Steam and hasn’t released any official numbers.

In-game around the release of Embers Adrift a few months ago, the game was packed with new players, and still, enough players are playing to make finding a group pretty easy.

Is Embers Adrift Free-to-Play?

No, Embers Adrift is something as rare as a buy-to-play game with a monthly subscription. The game costs $39.99 upfront with a $9.99 monthly fee, which feels incredibly expensive for such a niche game in 2023.

The plus side is that the developers have stated that they will never introduce microtransactions, cash shop items, pay-to-win mechanics, or loot boxes.

Is Embers Adrift Pay-to-Win?

No, Embers Adrift is not pay-to-win. All gear and items in the game are acquired by playing the game, and there are no microtransactions or cash shop.


Embers Adrift is a game that offers a unique experience in today’s MMORPG market, focusing on group-based gameplay, exploration, and community, and an immersive and meaningful gaming experience.

However, the game falls short in terms of gameplay, graphics, and overall excitement. The high subscription fee, poor optimization, and bland, low fantasy world may be too much of a deterrent for some players.

The lack of microtransactions and social aspects of the game are the only positive aspects.

The game may appeal to those who enjoy slower and more grindy gameplay and those who appreciate the social aspect of group-based gameplay and community building.

Have you tried Embers Adrift? What do you think of the game? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear your opinion.

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  1. Your assessment is pretty much spot on, unfortunately. Very grindy and not a good variety of mobs.

    Well, as of today 1/20/23 – there are a total of 84 players on. I think the game is pretty much dead 🙁

  2. The development is extremely slow, hardly any content over 30. Restrictions on everything for your class. You cannot play how you want, only how they intend you to. No versatility, very bland and mediocre gameplay.
    Not to mention they have stated they will not have any end game raiding.
    That in itself is a big determining factor to not waste any time on this farce of an MMO.

    If you do play the game, it wont take you long to grow bored of it. I have to say by how these developers are going st this game, you’d swear they never played an MMO before.
    Definitely being developed by amateurs who have no clue about what they’re doing.

    1. @Mike Swanson, YOU don’t get to decide that I will be bored; I am not. This game is exactly what my friends and I have been looking for, a departure from easy WoW play for safe-space kiddies. Glad you won’t be around, Mike.

    2. @Jon,

      Wow. loosen your knickers Jon. They are on a bit tight there tiger. You find EA fun? Good for you! Enjoy yourself. But anyone who isn’t a rabid fanatic can see that this is a very very niche game. I bought it played through the free month and then subscribed for a few more. The game is aiming for something admirable and missing in today’s games. A community game I have yet to see since early EQ.

      This game is a swing and a miss. It’s a hot mess of clunky EVERYTHING: boring mechanics, repetitive and uninteresting content, poor optimization and buggy. For the majority of the player base this is a pass. Will it attract 20-40k players? Sure maybe. But that about it.

      Now you can go back to drinking the cool-aid.

    3. @Nnyan,

      This guy is exactly what I mention in my post. This type is infecting the community because they’re bored standing around most nights. Or he’s lucky enough to have a static but he will have his time. It’s a bad game with a great community aside from those like him who are pretty delusional. Theirs quite literally nothing to achieve and the project probably only still exists to prevent being sued.

      Also theirs a huge issue with favoritism and banning over anyone who gives a critical opinion of the project. There is some amazing fun to be had with the right group if you can find one. Which makes my honesty hurt the heart if you’ve ever had that kind of attachment to a game you know what I mean.

  3. I would say it looks like shit unfortunately that’s just the nature of sandbox. Its difficult to rate something that has nothing out of the box.

  4. “There’s not much interesting to look at in Embers Adrift.” — posts a beautiful scenic relaxing pic. This review is really really stupid.

  5. It’s 2024 and I logged in to 50 players mid days AZ time zone. I’m lvl 40 but was lucky enough to hang around long enough to have gained a static. I’m seen the player count go from 300 – 50 daily multiple times now. Everyone I played with has since quit and probably not coming back. The project will probably never launch on steam due to the split when they changed the name from Saga of Lucemia. There was a pretty gnarly fallout with the writers at the time that is still being handled in court. Since it doesn’t make any sense they’re so against launching on steam I’ve speculated they’re not allowed to due to contractual agreements since they are still using assets from SoL.

    The project is a bland mess but damn it does it have the best community. You do see the toxicity brewing from people realizing their game is dead and it’s a shame to see after being around for so long. Their is definitely some fun to be had but invest at your own risk.

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