Stormhaven Studios Announces New Updates and Free Weekend for 'Embers Adrift' 1

Stormhaven Studios Announces New Updates and Free Weekend for ‘Embers Adrift’

Stormhaven Studios has announced an exciting line-up of updates for ‘Embers Adrift’, including the addition of ‘The Flooded Ruins’. As part of the promotion, the studio is also organizing a free gaming weekend from June 2nd to June 4th, encouraging new and veteran Drifters to dive into the reinvigorated world of Emberdrifts.

This free weekend will commence from noon CST/7pm CET on June 2nd, continuing until 11:59 pm CST on June 4th. Those who haven’t yet purchased the game but wish to participate can create an account on the official site and download the client once the event starts.

Stormhaven Studios Announces New Updates and Free Weekend for 'Embers Adrift' 2

Committed to growing the Embers Adrift community, Stormhaven has recently invested heavily in its marketing strategy, with results starting to show. The team plans to make a significant announcement on June 4th, promising further advancements for Embers Adrift.

“We are a small, but passionate team and we hope to continue to impress you all with what we’ve got planned for the rest of 2023 in Embers Adrift,” the studio stated in its press release.

The latest update, ‘The Flooded Ruins’, introduces the exploration of Ember Veins in the Redshore Forest and Grimstone Canyon for different levels of players. Each venue offers unique bosses and loot. The update also includes some significant buffs to Wardens, Juggernauts, Berserkers, and Brigands.

Additionally, the game now features six new crafting quests and a tutorial section to aid new players. The +Flanking stat has been renamed +Positional to avoid confusion, and dual wielding has been adjusted to line up with two-handed weapons. In addition, tooltips in the game have been massively improved for more in-depth information.

Stormhaven Studios has been striving to refine and expand the Embers Adrift world with each monthly update. The studio has urged its community to continue providing feedback and assured players that it is focused on continuous improvement.

Those who wish to support the studio can purchase the game or subscribe. They also have the option to gift the game or a month of game time to their friends. Stormhaven Studios also has a merchandise shop and a soundtrack available for fans looking to support them further.

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