Lost Ark Welcomes the Slayer and New Progression Events 1

Lost Ark Welcomes the Slayer and New Progression Events

The highly anticipated arrival of the Slayer in Lost Ark is set to take place on May 10, 2023. With new progression events accompanying the launch, players are expected to quickly level up their characters and experience the exciting abilities of the fifth Warrior Advanced Class.

The Slayer is a female remix of the Berserker class, a melee warrior who wields a greatsword and possesses the ability to enter Burst Mode. Successful attacks fill the Fury Specialty Meter, triggering Burst Mode where damage and movement speed are significantly increased, and a unique Specialty skill called Bloodlust can be used.

The Slayer comes with Class Engravings, including Punisher and Predator, that increase damage and critical rate, and a set of 19 Skills and two Awakening Skills that allow players to inflict damage, launch foes into the air, and create powerful slashes.

In addition to the Slayer’s release, two new progression events, Punika Powerpass and Hyper Express Plus (II), will accompany the launch until August 9. The Punika Powerpass will grant players Item Level 1340 gear, while the Hyper Express Plus (II) event will enable players to level up to Item Level 1460 and beyond by earning honing materials.

The new Engraving Support System is a feature of the Hyper Express Plus (II) event that allows players to choose four engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event. This system will help players increase their character’s strength and progress more efficiently.

The May Update also includes Ebony Cube releases, quality of life updates, new player improvements, and special cosmetics.

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