EVE Online Announces Alliance Tournament XIX Feeders & Prizes 1

EVE Online Announces Alliance Tournament XIX Feeders & Prizes

The EVE Online team has revealed details for the highly anticipated Gallente-sponsored Alliance Tournament XIX (AT XIX), set to commence on June 24. The tournament will see 46 teams vying for just 28 spots in the Feeders Tournament, the preliminary qualifier for the main 32-team event set to take place in August.

In a departure from previous events, no competitors were allowed to bid directly into the main tournament. Instead, they must secure their spots through the grueling Feeders Tournament. The entire tournament will be livestreamed over four weekends on CCPTV, in collaboration with partners EVE NT.

The top four teams from Alliance Tournament XVIII, namely TRUTH.HONOUR.LIGHT., Odin’s Call, WE FORM VOLTA, and The Tuskers Co., have been directly invited to participate in AT XIX. They will join the 28 teams that emerge from the Feeders Tournament, forming the line-up for the main event.

The full schedule for the Feeders Tournament is now available, with the first match set to take place between Goonswarm Federation and Snuffed Out. The tournament schedule has seen some adjustments, with Prismatic Legion and Singularity Syndicate withdrawing, resulting in ‘Arrival.’ and ‘A Band Apart’ advancing automatically in their first-round matchups.

A highlight of the tournament will be the use of Twitch’s native prediction functionality for each match, allowing players to flaunt their tournament knowledge and earn exclusive SKINs and other prizes.

The Gallente are returning in style to host the Alliance Tournament after their last stint at AT VIII. A plethora of prizes await the daring competitors, including exclusive ships for the top-ranking teams. The prize distribution ranges from 40 frigates and cruisers for the winners of the finals to 2 frigates and cruisers for the teams knocked out in losers round 3.

The prizes include the Cybele Heavy Assault Cruiser and the Shapash Assault Frigate, the latest creations from the Gallente Federation. These high-speed, high-precision ships promise to impress in the hands of skilled pilots. The Roden Shipyards engineers are fine-tuning the final designs, so minor adjustments are expected before the prizes are awarded.

Additionally, this year’s Victory SKINs will adorn nine different Gallente Federation ships, including several Federation Navy Issue hulls, and will be awarded to teams for each match victory.

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