Kickstarter Campaign Launches for "EVE: War for New Eden" Board Game 1

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for “EVE: War for New Eden” Board Game

The Kickstarter campaign for the new board game “EVE: War for New Eden,” based on the popular MMO EVE Online, has been launched, achieving significant early interest. The campaign has raised $209,509, surpassing its target of $54,377, with 961 backers and 27 days remaining until its conclusion on February 21.

Designed to bring the complex and expansive world of EVE Online into a physical board game format, “EVE: War for New Eden” offers players a strategic experience akin to the digital game. It encapsulates the essence of EVE Online, focusing on themes such as diplomacy, deception, warfare, and resource management.

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for "EVE: War for New Eden" Board Game 2

In “EVE: War for New Eden,” players are immersed in a game of strategic advancement where the choices for faction development are diverse and impactful. The game encourages players to maintain secrecy over their advancement plans, adding a layer of unpredictability and surprise to the gameplay.

The exploration and expansion aspect is a core part of the game, allowing players to venture into uncharted solar systems to claim resources and establish their presence through strategic deployment of structures. This mirrors the expansive universe of the original MMO.

Resource management and economic strategy play a significant role in “EVE: War for New Eden.” Players engage in the control of mineral-rich systems, trading, and manufacturing to acquire resources crucial for building and improving their fleet of spaceships.

Combat is another key element, with players deploying their fleets to engage in various scales of battles. The game aims to replicate the dynamic and tactical combat of EVE Online, offering an engaging and evolving battle experience.

The developers have focused on creating a game that is both rich in content and streamlined for play. Notable features include a modular map frame and other design choices intended to enhance the gaming experience right out of the box.

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for "EVE: War for New Eden" Board Game 3

In addition to the core game, “EVE: War for New Eden” is set to include multiple expansions, hinting at the potential for extended play and exploration of new aspects of the EVE universe.

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