BitCraft Announces End of Pre-Alpha 10, Promises Game Changing Experiences in Forthcoming Closed Alpha 1

BitCraft Announces End of Pre-Alpha 10, Promises Game Changing Experiences in Forthcoming Closed Alpha

The BitCraft team has officially wrapped up Pre-Alpha 10, marking a major milestone in the game’s development. According to a recent letter from the producer published on the BitCraft official website, the test was the largest and most ambitious to date.

The team reviewed tester feedback and it has become apparent that they had outgrown their old server systems. They are now excited to transition to new server infrastructure, anticipating this move will offer room for growth and deliver an improved, game-changing experience to players. An apology was extended to players who experienced issues with the old systems.

BitCraft’s game designers have scrutinized the game mechanics and social systems, focusing on how well these supported interactions between players and maintained player interest. The game, which is more than just a visual spectacle, aims to create a comprehensive, immersive experience for players, warranting their time and energy.

The team expressed awe at the extent to which some players pushed the limits of the game in its incomplete stage. Despite limited time, players managed to create self-governing states within BitCraft’s open world. These included the establishment of trade routes, price adjustments based on supply and demand, and the initial development of booming cities, even discovering a few trade harbors.

However, the BitCraft team remains grounded, acknowledging the game’s bumps and rough patches. They are appreciative of the feedback from testers and are committed to continual improvement.

Server Software Update

BitCraft is set to migrate to server software of its own design. Most of the engineers will be involved in this process, which will take several weeks and require extensive internal testing.


BitCraft’s silent adventure is ending. The team has recruited a team of experts to craft the acoustic environment for the game. They aim to have sound and music ready for the forthcoming Closed-Alpha phase.


While engineers are busy with the server migration, the rest of the team will focus on refining existing aspects of the game. This includes reviewing all skills based on tester feedback to ensure they are rewarding, balancing player progression, and expanding BitCraft’s lore.

The art team faces a significant task of designing, modeling, and animating hundreds of game objects including buildings, creatures, environmental assets, equipment, and more. The user interface, despite successful technical integration during Pre-Alpha 10, will also undergo work on the visual and functionality aspects.

Social Systems

BitCraft’s aim has always been to focus on civilizations created from the wilds, and once the infrastructure update is complete, more resources will be allocated to designing the “civilization gameplay”. Interactions between players and their self-created factions will be emphasized.

As the game moves towards Closed Alpha, the BitCraft team encourages followers to stay connected via social media and their Discord channel for regular updates. Though the team anticipates a period of intensive back-end work, the journey towards Closed Alpha is well underway. They concluded the letter with an optimistic outlook and a promise to return to testing soon.

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