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EVE Vanguard Announces Upcoming “First Strike” Playtest Event

EVE Vanguard Announces Upcoming “First Strike” Playtest Event

The EVE Vanguard team has officially announced the upcoming “First Strike” playtest, set to commence on March 21 at 12:00 UTC and conclude on March 25 at 12:00 UTC. This event, part of the broader EVE Universe, allows players to engage with EVE Vanguard, a sci-fi sandbox FPS game, and provide feedback that shapes its development. The playtest is available to Omega players as a part of the Founders’ Access program.

EVE Vanguard’s development team is incorporating player feedback from previous playtests to make several enhancements to the game. One of the significant updates includes the introduction of a new mining laser prototype, designed to add a strategic element to resource gathering. This feature is complemented by the addition of new mining contracts and the integration of minable resources into the game’s crafting recipes.

Additionally, the playtest will debut a new warclone suit for players and an updated suit for NPCs, aiming to enrich the tactical gameplay experience. The introduction of suppression contracts represents another key update, offering players new gameplay dynamics and choices within the New Eden universe.

The First Strike playtest also brings a host of fixes and improvements, addressing issues highlighted by the community. These include combat and reward balancing, server performance enhancements, and resolutions to various gameplay bugs. Such improvements reflect the development team’s commitment to refining the player experience based on direct feedback.

Participants in the First Strike playtest stand a chance to earn rewards based on their in-game achievements. These include exclusive SKINs for meeting specific objectives, such as ore harvesting and clone exchanges, as well as PLEX rewards for top performers on the leaderboard. These incentives are designed to encourage active and strategic participation throughout the event.

The playtest is open to players with Founders’ Access, requiring an Omega subscription. For those interested in participating, a limited-time offer is available in the EVE Store and the New Eden Store, providing 14 days of Omega and exclusive SKINs for the Orthrus and Phoenix Navy Issue ships.