EVE Online Introduces New Photon UI and Narrative-Driven Events in 2023 Roadmap 1

EVE Online Introduces New Photon UI and Narrative-Driven Events in 2023 Roadmap

EVE Online, the popular MMORPG, has recently announced a series of upgrades and new features to improve the game’s performance and usability. The game has launched its new Photon UI, which has been developed in collaboration with the EVE community. The UI streamlines usability, reduces cognitive overload, and enables faster feature iteration, allowing more frequent and easier updates for players.

The multiple overview feature has also been improved and is now standard, with the maximum number of overview tabs increased. There is also now grouping available for overview presets, providing a better understanding of each filter’s purpose. The interface will continue to evolve and improve, with new features such as Compact Mode and micro widgets to be implemented in the future.

EVE Online’s calendar of events is also evolving, moving towards a narrative-driven schedule instead of annual in-game events. A new factional campaign is set to go live in-game, pitting the four great empires against each other in a tech race that will have seismic implications on the landscape of New Eden. This sets the tone for a year in EVE where some events will be replaced by arc-focused events.

To help players prepare for the upcoming events, a new Direct Enlistment feature on the Singularity test server will soon allow capsuleers to participate in Factional Warfare on behalf of any empire they choose without leaving their current corporation or alliance to join a militia.

The EVE and New Eden stores are also offering new packs and bundles to help players look their best. The Divinity Pack and Heart-Shape Pack are available, featuring various items such as Omega time, PLEX, SKINs, skill points, and cerebral accelerators.

EVE Online’s 2023 roadmap promises captivating narrative-driven events and features, as well as a grand celebration for EVE’s 20th birthday. Players are encouraged to stay tuned and not miss a beat on all the happenings in-game. With its ongoing evolution and investment in its technical foundations, EVE Online continues to deliver a compelling gaming experience for its players.

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