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Everquest 2 Reign Of Shadows Is Live

Everquest 2 Reign Of Shadows Is Live

EverQuest II’s Reign of Shadows has officially launched, bringing the Vah Shir race into EQ2, almost 20 years after they were introduced in the original.

Other features of the expansion include 10 Reign of Shadows prestige abilities, increased Maximum Guild Level, a new Adventure, and more.

Full patch notes can be read on

  • Get distracted by shiny things, knock things off of high places, hate dogs. Play as a Vah Shir!
  • 20 Reign of Shadows Prestige Advancement Points and 10 new Reign of Shadows Prestige Abilities.
  • Maximum Guild Level increased to 350 with an all new content-driven guild leveling mechanism.
  • Discover new Adventure, Tradeskill, and Signature quests as you investigate what secrets lay concealed in the endless gloom.
  • Master all new Solo, Heroic, Challenge Heroic, and Raid content in the perpetual shade of Luclin’s dark side!