EG7 Hints at Plans for New EverQuest MMORPG, Targeting a 2028 Release 1

EG7 Hints at Plans for New EverQuest MMORPG, Targeting a 2028 Release

Daybreak Games hints at a potential “EverQuest 3”

In a move that had many MMORPG aficionados double-checking their calendars to confirm it wasn’t April Fools’ Day, EG7 finally provided the first official confirmation that a new EverQuest title is in the works, although in a very early phase. The revelation came during EG7’s Capital Markets Day stream.

Long Road of Rumors

Talk of a new EverQuest game has been circulating since as far back as 2018 when Daybreak was the custodian of the iconic franchise. Former Daybreak executive Holly Longdale had previously indicated in 2019 that there was a “future” for EverQuest, though she made it clear that a “strict remake” was not in the cards. Longdale has since moved on to become a VP at Blizzard, overseeing World of Warcraft.

Daybreak itself underwent significant changes, getting acquired by Swedish gaming conglomerate EG7 in 2020. Interestingly, Daybreak’s executives have subsequently infiltrated the higher echelons of EG7, leading the company’s strategic vision.

EG7’s Ambitious Plans

EG7’s CEO Ji Ham discussed several in-development projects during the Capital Markets Day event, including a slide dedicated to the EverQuest franchise. Despite being in the “ideation phase,” Ham was optimistic about the brand’s potential and mentioned a target launch window of 2028. He considers EverQuest as EG7’s “most important IP,” but cautiously noted that the project might still be shelved.

Ham playfully suggested that if he were to officially announce EverQuest 3 today, it would immediately make global headlines. And it seems he’s absolutely correct; news outlets and fans are already dissecting every word of the announcement and what it could mean for the future of MMORPGs.

The Path Ahead

While the title is still in its conceptual phase and won’t see any substantial investment until around 2025, this announcement is significant. It puts an end to years of speculation and hopes that the EverQuest franchise was not completely dead in the water.

But for now, all we can do is wait and see whether these plans will materialize into an actual game that lives up to the storied legacy of EverQuest, a franchise that has indelibly shaped the MMORPG landscape.

Regardless, today marks an important milestone for EverQuest fans. Whether or not EverQuest 3 ever sees the light of day, EG7 has unequivocally affirmed that EverQuest still matters — not just as a relic of gaming history, but as a property worth investing in for the future.

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  1. Cannot wait for Everquest, started with my Dad back in 2003 and really looking forward to the next generation of Everquest with old timers and new folks alike that want the game upgraded to where gaming is today. IS well needed, lots of folks want this.

    1. @Ccognition, p99 is bleh Eq didn’t become a powerhouse until PoP or even Omens. Even the owner of the p99 servers prefers those era’s.

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