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Daybreak Shares Fippy Fest 2024 Details

Daybreak Shares Fippy Fest 2024 Details

Fippy Fest 2024 is set to provide a comprehensive two-day event focused on the EverQuest series, available for both in-person attendees and global livestream viewers. The event aims to offer an engaging experience for EverQuest enthusiasts.

Day 1 Highlights: Exploration of Legacy

The event begins with a welcome breakfast where participants can interact with EverQuest developers. This session is designed to give insights into the game’s creation and historical context.

Following the breakfast, the schedule includes a Memorabilia Signing Party, where attendees can have EverQuest items signed and receive limited edition posters. The afternoon features an exclusive tour of the studio, showcasing the original Parkinson paintings influential to the game’s visual heritage.

The day concludes with a dinner at a notable venue in San Diego, celebrating key moments of EverQuest’s history, complete with the distribution of special memorabilia tied to the Year of Darkpaw celebration.

Day 2: Continued Engagement

Activities resume with a morning breakfast with developers, focusing on deeper discussions about the game’s development process and upcoming expansions.

The day proceeds with the Introduction Show, which is livestreamed for those watching online. It includes discussions on the creation of EverQuest and its expansions, the artistry behind the game, and an interactive segment involving in-game fashion.

Lunch provides another opportunity for attendees to converse with developers, followed by Fireside Chats in the evening. These chats are designed to discuss game evolution, fan theories, and community stories.

Conclusion of the Event

Fippy Fest wraps up with a gathering at a local brewery, where participants can network and discuss their experiences in a relaxed setting.

Limited in-person tickets are available, with a deadline of April 21 to secure tickets that include personalized swag items. While livestream access is free, purchasing a digital ticket enhances the experience by providing additional in-game items and the opportunity to interact with panelists during the livestream.