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EverQuest Announces First Digital Fippy Fest for 2024

EverQuest Announces First Digital Fippy Fest for 2024

EverQuest has unveiled plans for Fippy Fest 2024, a new digital event slated for June 15th, 2024, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of EverQuest and the 20th anniversary of EverQuest® II. This initiative marks a significant milestone for the franchise, highlighting its influence on the MMO genre worldwide.

The event aims to bring together the EverQuest community in a digital format, allowing a broader audience to participate in the celebrations. Fippy Fest 2024 will feature Q&A panels reminiscent of those at previous Fan Faires, providing attendees with the opportunity to interact with the game’s developers and ask questions live. Moreover, each purchasable ticket will include exclusive digital in-game items, such as the Visage of the Valkyrie Illusion, enhancing the virtual experience for participants.

While the focus is on digital attendance, EverQuest also plans to offer a limited number of tickets for in-person participation. This aspect of the event is designed to foster personal interactions with the game’s staff and other members of the community, including live Q&A sessions with the development team.

Ticket sales for both the digital and in-person versions of Fippy Fest 2024 are scheduled to begin on February 28, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. PST. Interested individuals are encouraged to stay tuned for additional details, including the sales link.

The EverQuest team has expressed gratitude towards the game’s community for their continued support and loyalty over the years. Fippy Fest 2024 is seen as a way to both celebrate the franchise’s past achievements and look forward to its future, emphasizing the team’s appreciation for the players who have contributed to the success of EverQuest.