Clockwork Labs Shares Progress on BitCraft, Announces Closed Alpha Testing 1

Clockwork Labs Shares Progress on BitCraft, Announces Closed Alpha Testing

Clockwork Labs has recently provided an update on the development of BitCraft through a Letter from the Producer, posted on their official website. This update comes after a period without operational updates but includes assurances that the flow of information will become more regular as the team progresses towards the Closed Alpha testing phase of the game.

The development team has overcome a significant challenge in integrating BitCraft with their proprietary build server solution, SpacetimeDB. Achieving initial functionality was straightforward; however, optimizing performance for scalability has required considerable effort. The focus remains on performance optimization to ensure a stable experience for the upcoming larger-scale Closed Alpha testing. While the team is optimistic about meeting their objectives, they acknowledge that optimization will be an ongoing process even as they begin to welcome new testers.

In preparation for the Closed Alpha, BitCraft’s website continues to accept registrations for Pre Alpha testing, providing an opportunity to secure a “secret limited item” for those who sign up. The announcement clarifies that this is by design, with a more sophisticated registration system forthcoming to better manage tester feedback and rewards.

Clockwork Labs also provided insights into the game’s development direction. Notably, the Empire System, a crucial aspect of BitCraft’s endgame, will not be immediately available in the Closed Alpha. This decision allows the team to concentrate on refining gameplay at the settlement scale, laying a solid foundation for future expansion.

Significant improvements have been made to BitCraft over the past year, including enhancements in sound, music, and overall game design. The game’s biomes are now more immersive, the user interface is clearer and more intuitive, and each profession offers a distinct experience. The development of settlements, from land claims to thriving towns, is highlighted as a key area of player-driven progression.

Clockwork Labs encourages interested players to register for the Closed Alpha testing, emphasizing that there will be no non-disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions. This approach allows for direct feedback from the community, which is instrumental in identifying and addressing any issues.

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