EverQuest Launches Renewal of Ro Expansion 1

EverQuest Launches Renewal of Ro Expansion

Yesterday, EverQuest 2 launched its 19th expansion Renewal of Ro. This exciting new addition to the game brings with it a host of new content, including brand-new zones within the Desert of Ro, and new dungeons and raids.

While on a valiant quest to help Aerakyn return to their original thread of reality, you will find yourselves going back to the brutal island of Ro, but this time on the southern half of the flaming desert. Here, with the help of a local tribe of Hizite nomads, you will make your way across the unforgiving Raj’Dur Plateaus, to explore what is left of the Elddar Empire’s cursed city, the long Buried Takish’Hiz, before finding yourselves within the renewed Takish Badlands, as you are led into the treacherous Sandstone Delta by the machinations of a notorious foe.

Come face-to-face with Raj’Dur bandits, power-hungry djinn, desert madmen, cursed Elddar, Dunetooth goblins, the Mhyt-moo school of Yha-lei, the Stormfury and Swordfury cyclops clans, and the Ortallian zealots of Ro, not to mention the glorious heroes you will team up with along the way.

If you’re a fan of EQ2, be sure to check out the Renewal of Ro expansion today!

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