EverQuest 2 Launches New PvP TLE Server "Zarrakon" with Faction-Based PvP and Free Trade Features 1

EverQuest 2 Launches New PvP TLE Server “Zarrakon” with Faction-Based PvP and Free Trade Features

Exciting news for all EverQuest 2 fans, a new PvP TLE server is set to launch soon! Named Zarrakon, this server promises to bring hours of exhilarating gameplay with its faction-based PvP and free trade server features. The server is exclusively available to All Access members, so upgrade now to get ready to rumble!

Zarrakon will be launching on April 25, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. PDT. The server will start with the Shattered Lands, Deserts of Flame, and Kingdom of Sky expansions, so players can dive right into the action from day one. Additionally, PvP enthusiasts can look forward to PvP writs and PvP-specific rewards starting from the Kingdom of Sky expansion.

There will be frequent patches and updates to address any bugs or issues, and these will be applied every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, as well as as they become necessary. Turquoise adornments and slots will also be available, and Kingdom of Sky will open with mid-content active.

Betrayal will work in the same way as it did on previous PvP servers, with a cooldown token required. Echoes of Faydwer will have avatars enabled, and there will be a beta test for Zarrakon in the coming days or weeks, so players can experience the server before its official launch.

The marketplace will be unlocked for Zarrakon, with the exception of XP potions. The release schedule for expansions will be roughly the same pace as the previous PvP server, with advance notification should this change.

All Access members can upgrade now to join in on the excitement on Zarrakon. Get ready to rumble and experience thrilling PvP battles on the newest TLE server!

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