Everquest Turns 22 - In-Game Celebrations & Producer's Letter 1

Everquest Turns 22 – In-Game Celebrations & Producer’s Letter

Happy 22nd Anniversary to Everquest! The legendary MMORPG is celebrating with in-game events, a new Producer’s Letter, and a giveaway.

All players will be getting a 50% XP bonus lasting for two weeks, until March 31st, along with the following items.

  • 1x Goblet of Adventure III
  • 1x Othmir Fez Hat Ornament
  • 1x Hero’s Forge Unlock

There’s also a special anniversary merchant that sells a mount, a Gnoll pup illusion, buff food, and a set Ornaments, along with two new quests and a mission.

Jenn Chan, the Head of Darkpaw Games, also posted a Producer’s Letter where she talks about the recent expansion of the Everquest team and TLPs. She also took a moment to recognize the work of Alan VanCouvering aka Absor who has worked on EQ for 20 years.

Lastly there’s also a sweepstakes where you can take home one of a kind Firiona Vie statue.

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