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EverQuest’s Fippyfest Sets the Price High at $1,499 for In-Person Fans

EverQuest’s Fippyfest Sets the Price High at $1,499 for In-Person Fans

In a move that’s raising eyebrows across the Everquest community, Daybreak Games last week unveiled plans for an EverQuest-themed gathering, dubbed Fippyfest, slated for mid-June. With ticket sales kicking off unexpectedly at 9 p.m. EST on February 28, the event has quickly become a hot topic, not just for its nostalgic appeal but for the hefty price tag attached to its in-person experience.

Fippyfest, which celebrates the monumental anniversaries of EverQuest (25 years) and EverQuest II (20 years), has been marked as a blend of digital and live experiences. While online viewers can tune into the festivities for free, those wishing to immerse themselves in the live event must be prepared to shell out $1,499 for the privilege. This price covers attendance for the two-day event in San Diego on June 14 and 15, along with a t-shirt and a VIP bundle mirroring the digital ticket perks, which range from $50-$250. The digital tickets offer a variety of in-game items like mounts, pets, and skins, tailored to the players’ game preference.

The announcement has sparked a mix of excitement and disbelief within the EverQuest community. Comparisons have been drawn to BlizzCon’s previous pricing, which ranged from $299-$799, noting that Fippyfest’s entry cost significantly overshadows that of other notable gaming conventions. Feedback from the community suggests that the price is steep, even for the most ardent fans of the franchise.

Despite the sticker shock, Fippyfest aims to be an intimate gathering, celebrating the rich history, lore, and community of the EverQuest series. The event promises engaging panels, activities, and opportunities for fans to connect with the development team and fellow players. Attendees are encouraged to bring EverQuest memorabilia for signing, adding a personal touch to the fan experience.

Daybreak Games emphasizes that the live event attendance will be limited, suggesting exclusivity and a potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience for die-hard fans. Moreover, the digital aspect of the festival ensures broader access, allowing the global EverQuest community to partake in the celebration remotely.

With the full event schedule yet to be announced, potential attendees and online participants are left wondering about the specifics of what the festival will offer. As the date approaches, more details are expected to be unveiled, including the lineup of events and exclusive content.


Friday 1st of March 2024

That's one way to alienate your last remaining fans on your dying game... my how the mighty have fallen


Friday 1st of March 2024

@sussurro, or maybe take the L and let Dennis have his fair point you ding dong.


Friday 1st of March 2024

@Dennis, Do the free online access thing, then?