EverQuest's Oakwynd: A New Adventure Beckons as Launch Approaches! 1

EverQuest’s Oakwynd: A New Adventure Beckons as Launch Approaches!

EverQuest’s Oakwynd server is just around the corner, with its official launch scheduled for May 24, 2023, at 12 noon PDT. This Evolving Ruleset Progression Server has generated significant excitement among the game’s dedicated community, following the recent announcement made in the Producer’s Letter.

Taking into account the valuable feedback received from players, several changes have been implemented for the Oakwynd server launch. One notable alteration is that Agents of Change instance-locking will now be character-based instead of account-based. This adjustment will be specific to the Legacy Characters Ruleset, meaning that any future servers adopting this ruleset will also experience this change.

Additionally, a modification has been made regarding “No Drop” items. All items labeled as “No Drop” (excluding “Free-Trade No Drop” items) will automatically become Heirloom items. It is important to note that this change is exclusive to the Legacy Characters Ruleset and will be applied to any future servers utilizing this ruleset as well.

To enhance the gaming experience further, the Oakwynd server will combine the Omens of War and Dragons of Norrath expansions, unlocking them simultaneously with a one-hour gap. However, it should be clarified that this particular adjustment is limited to Oakwynd and currently does not apply to Yelinak.

In conjunction with the Oakwynd launch, modifications are also being made to the bag bundles available through the Packs page on the EverQuest website. The “Trying Toxicologist Bundle” will be replaced by the “Lorisyn’s Lament Bundle,” while the “Vexing Vermin Bundle” will make way for the “Lyirae’s Languish Bundle.” Players are advised to seize this final opportunity to acquire the Trying Toxicologist Bundle and the Vexing Vermin Bundle, as they will only be claimable once per account for Oakwynd characters after the server launch.

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