New World's Latest Episode of "Forged in Aeternum" Discusses Upcoming Features and Season Five Updates 1

New World’s Latest Episode of “Forged in Aeternum” Discusses Upcoming Features and Season Five Updates

In episode 79 of “Forged in Aeternum,” titled “Balance of Power,” hosts J.R., Pex Design Lead, and Josh Hurley, Combat Designer, explored several key updates and features poised to impact New World. This episode provided insights into the enhancements planned for the game, highlighting the critical role of the Public Test Realm (PTR) in refining these updates for Season Five.

Introduction of PvD and Gameplay Adjustments

A novel aspect, Player versus Door (PvD), was briefly discussed, illustrating the team’s response to community feedback on gameplay mechanics. Adjustments have been made to address the balance of certain in-game elements, including an OPR door known for its high health and quick healing, to improve the overall player experience.

Highlights from the PTR and Anticipations for Season Five

Controller support is among the significant updates announced, aiming to expand accessibility and enrich the gaming experience for New World players. This feature has been a frequent request from the community.

The episode also shed light on combat scripting changes, which are intended to enhance game performance and provide the development team with greater flexibility. Despite the complexity of implementing a new scripting language, efforts are being made to address any issues through the PTR, with a focus on resolving major concerns by the launch of Season Five.

Equip Load Changes and Artifact Feedback

Further discussions included equip load balance changes, designed to normalize medium load without clear advantages or disadvantages. This initiative represents an ongoing effort to fine-tune game balance.

Feedback on new Artifacts has led to considerations for adjustments, particularly to the Phoenix and venom Artifacts, to ensure balanced gameplay. The team is actively reviewing community input on these items.

Future Developments and Enhancements

Looking ahead, J.R. and Josh hinted at quality of life improvements, especially regarding mana-based weapons, and the potential for further weapon reworks. These adjustments aim to make mana a more critical factor in gameplay, particularly for early-game experiences with magic weapons.

The transition to a new scripting language is expected to facilitate future content development, including new weapons and gameplay enhancements. This change is part of a broader strategy to improve New World’s gameplay mechanics and content offerings.

Community Engagement and Future Updates

The episode concluded with a call for community feedback on the PTR updates and what players are looking forward to in Season Five. This engagement highlights the importance of player input in the game’s development process.

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