FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail Benchmark Software Now Available 1

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail Benchmark Software Now Available

Square Enix has released the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail official benchmark software for Windows. This new release was announced during the latest “Letter from the Producer LIVE” broadcast, where viewers were given a preview of the upcoming graphical updates and new features in the expansion, set for release on July 2, 2024.

The benchmark software enables players to test their computer’s ability to run the updated FINAL FANTASY XIV, featuring new game areas and enemies. It allows the creation and importation of characters into real-time cutscenes, introducing the ability to create female Hrothgar, a new playable race making its debut in Dawntrail. Characters created or imported can have their appearance data saved for use in the full Windows version of the game.

This benchmark represents the first significant graphical update to FINAL FANTASY XIV, aiming to enhance visual experiences for the game’s audience. Detailed information and instructions for downloading the benchmark software are available on the Square Enix website.

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