Fractured Online Announces Relaunch Pretest Free Play Event 1

Fractured Online Announces Relaunch Pretest Free Play Event

Dynamight Studios is hosting a free play event for Fractured Online. This event, scheduled to start on Thursday, June 29 at 2pm UTC, will be open to all registered users, allowing them to enjoy the game without any need for a founder pack.

Announced on June 27, 2023, the event is part of the game’s Relaunch Pretest and is aimed at conducting a stress test on the game’s new backend. The developers are keen on assessing how their system behaves under heavy load in a real-world scenario, providing crucial insights for further game optimization.

While the game had experienced some load-related issues during the initial hours of the Relaunch Pretest, the developers have confirmed that these were primarily related to login processes and not in-game performance. These issues have since been rectified through a server migration.

The free play event comes after a patch release that addresses several bugs encountered in the initial five days of testing. Some of these bugs were encountered during player transitions between different areas of the map controlled by distinct server processes. These bugs proved challenging to debug and correct but have now been resolved.

The free play event marks the first such event in a long time for Fractured Online and is expected to conclude the Relaunch Pretest with a significant splash. The event presents a fantastic opportunity for both existing and prospective players to experience the exciting world of Fractured Online for free.

Dynamight Studios has expressed eagerness to welcome players old and new to join the event and help in testing their new backend system. The link to download the client is available on the official Fractured Online website. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Fractured Online and be part of the crucial stress test.

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