Final Fantasy XIV's Upcoming Patch 6.4 "The Dark Throne": Revealing Letter from the Producer Live Part LXXVII 1

Final Fantasy XIV’s Upcoming Patch 6.4 “The Dark Throne”: Revealing Letter from the Producer Live Part LXXVII

The long-anticipated update for Final Fantasy XIV has been revealed in full, courtesy of the latest installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE (Read the summary here). The 77th edition of this beloved series provided an extensive look into Patch 6.4, known as “The Dark Throne,” set to release on Tuesday, May 23.

Main Scenario Updates and Sidequests

“The Dark Throne” promises a thrilling main scenario where players will face the eagerly awaited confrontation with Golbez. The update will also include “Tataru’s Grand Endeavor,” allowing players to revisit familiar faces from their past journeys. This addition will require completion of the Sorrow of Werlyt sidequests up to “Forever at Your Side.” Furthermore, players can look forward to more hijinks with the return of “Somehow Even Further Hildibrand Adventures” in Patch 6.45.

New Dungeon and Raid Content

An exciting new dungeon, the Aetherfont, will be introduced during the main scenario. The Voidcast Dais, a new encounter of varying difficulty, will also be included. An Unreal trial featuring Zurvan, the third and final member of the Warring Triad, is set to challenge veteran players.

The Pandæmonium series will conclude with its final chapter, Anabaseios, serving as an epilogue to Endwalker. This will be followed by Savage raids one week after Patch 6.4.

Equipment Upgrades and New Features

Patch 6.45 will offer opportunities for upgrading Manderville weapons and Splendorous tools. Alongside these, the update will introduce a new type of tomestone, Allagan tomestones of comedy, drawing inspiration from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Additional features such as the display of job icons in the chat log and on player nameplates are sure to enhance the user experience.

Job Adjustments

The focus of this patch’s job adjustments is the reinforcement of certain jobs to balance damage output within each role. Tank jobs, excluding dark knight, will be adjusted for balance, along with other roles. There are specific modifications to paladin and dragoon abilities for improved gameplay.

PvP Updates and Frontline Adjustments

New reward tokens will be added to Crystalline Conflict, which can be accumulated over time and across PvP seasons. Changes to the Frontline include a dedicated UI to display scores and remaining time, balance adjustments per job, and significant alterations to the terrain and ice placement in the Fields of Glory (Shatter).

Special Previews and Upcoming Fan Festival

The broadcast featured a sneak peek at the trial arena, Voidcast Dais, with its Final Fantasy IV inspired background music. Another highlight was the preview of the grand-prize winning entries of the Weapon Design Contest, which will feature in the new Allagan tomestones of comedy gear designs.

The team also showcased the Island Sanctuary furnishing system, which allows players to place multiple outdoor furnishings on their isle, change their colors, and even register them with “island prisms.”

The upcoming Fan Festival 2023-2024 was also announced, promising more exciting news for the Final Fantasy XIV community.

With its diverse offerings from thrilling main scenarios to an array of side content and job adjustments, Patch 6.4 promises to bring a new level of excitement and engagement for both new and seasoned players of Final Fantasy XIV.

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