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New World Release Another Youtube Dev Update

New World Release Another Youtube Dev Update

The previous New World developer update on Youtube seems to have been a hit with the community and the New World devs have followed up with a January update, which takes a look at what is on the horizon for the MMORPG.

The 38-minute long video kicks off by talking about the Winter Convergence Festival that was extended for two weeks and why it was so popular with the players.

We also get a look at two new features that are being introduced to New World in January. The mutators system, which will make Expeditions more challenging for players, and the Umbral Upgrade system, which will be a new way to upgrade your gear.

The cost of fast travel will also be reduced, and we will be seeing some new spirit shrines to make it easier to travel to expeditions.

For February, no new features are planned but it seems like the team is planning to use the next month for fixing bugs and improving existing aspects of the game.

The team goes on to answer questions from the community on a range of topics from server transfers to bug fixes and housing.

See the full update below.